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Equipment Finance

You generate revenue by using equipment…not owning it. Discover how equipment leasing can conserve cash flow and improve bottom-line performance. Mesa Commercial Equipment Leasing has helped organizations, large and small, address their equipment requirements.

The Benefits of Equipment Lease Financing

  • Conservation of Cash Flow – Tax-oriented lease payments are smaller than those associated with traditional term loan financing, increasing a company’s cash flow
  • No Down Payment – Companies can avoid down payments, which may be required under traditional financing methods
  • Balance Sheet Considerations – By leasing rather than buying, companies reduce balance sheet debt, potentially improving financial ratios and preserving borrowing capacity
  • Tax Benefits – Some companies, such as those that are capital intensive or subject to Alternative Minimum Tax (AMT) or midquarter convention, are unable to optimize tax benefits from owning equipment. Companies can utilize tax-oriented leases to transfer the tax benefits of equipment ownership to Mesa in exchange for lower rental payments
  • Flexibility – We offer structuring flexibility in lease terms and extensions, early termination options and payment schedules
  • Keep Pace with Technology – Lease terms can be set to match the useful life of equipment that can quickly become obsolete